Internet Dating — Location, Location, Location — oops, potential scammer!

Gentle Readers,

Time and time again, my online clients ask me for relationship readings.  They want to know if I can see a future with someone, specifically marriage.  Rather than do a Tarot reading for them, I just ask a few questions first, because my intuition tells me things are not quite right.  In the past, when I did Tarot readings without asking question first, the cards often showed that the relationship was extremely positive.  When that happened, I KNEW something was wrong.  Nothing is THAT good.  Usually the relationship they are asking about is someone they connected with online.

I will share a snippet from a reading I gave to someone recently to show you why location is important.

Q:  How long have you known this person?

C:  We’re just chatting right now.

Q:  You didn’t answer my question?  OK then.  How long have you been chatting?

C:  Two months.

Q:  You are asking me about someone you have been chatting with for two months?  Have you met this person yet?

C:  Well no.

Q:  How far away does he live?

C:  He lives in Florida.

Q:  You did not answer my question.  So he lives in Florida.  And where do you live?

C:  In North Dakota, but if everything works out he’ll move to North Dakota.

Q:  Have you met him yet?

C:  Well, no.

Q:  Have you at least spoken to this person or SKYPED?

C:  No.  He doesn’t know how to SKYPE.  He’s 48.

Q:  He’s 48 and doesn’t know how to SKYPE?  I’m older than he is and I know how to SKYPE. He’s a scammer or a potential scammer.

Gentle Readers, without revealing more of this person’s reading, let me share a recommendation with you should you use or consider using the Internet to find someone to date.

I recommend only choosing or responding to prospective partners if they live within a one-hour drive (with or without traffic) from where you live.  The main reason for “dating” is to find someone that you can spend time with and get to know.  Online chatting, texting, etc. does not count.  One must take the time necessary to get to know someone and that should be in person supplemented with telephone calls.  While The Queen is somewhat traditional, do know traditional values do count.  The objective of finding someone, whether you use the Internet or some other method, is to find someone who lives close enough to you so your life is not disrupted.  If the stars align, or you really do find someone to love, you want to wake up next to them. Relationships are difficult and long-distance relationships are even more difficult.  Think about it?

If someone from another state or country, (and in some cases, military personnel) contacts you on a dating site, just remember location, location, location.  Of course, you can always contact me for additional insight.  Common sense first…