Ethics and Firing a Client

Gentle Readers,

Last week, I fired a client.  While I love performing readings, I know when it is time to let go.  If we let someone go and move on, we can become happier …and hopefully they will become happier, too.  This lady was a new client and her reading was through Instant Messaging.  If someone is a regular client of mine, I am able to pick up their energy from just a question or interactive typing without benefit of voice or face.  However, if I am unable to hear someone’s voice, see their face, etc. and this is my first time working with them, I must rely on a dialogue much like a therapist might.

This client asked me if I could pick up on a relationship.  So after several questions, I was able to learn that this was an ex-someone of hers.  How did I figure that out?  Follow along…

C:  Can you tell me what ________ is doing and who he is with?

Q:  Are you in an exclusive relationship with this person?

C:  No.  But I think he is seeing someone.

Q:  It’s none of your business what he is doing and with whom.  Because you are not in an exclusive relationship with him, you are not entitled to know anything.  If you were married or something like that, that would a different story.

C:  He’s my ex.

Q: Ex-husband or ex-boyfriend,, it doesn’t matter.  You still do not have any right to know what he is doing unless he chooses to tell you.

C:  Can you tell me if he’s thinking of me or what he feels about me.

Q:  I cannot do that.  I cannot ethically pick up on what someone thinks of or feels about another person. That is a violation of their thoughts and feelings.  How would you like it if he or someone else asked a psychic what you thought or felt about them.

C: That’s psychology, not psychic.  I wanted a psychic reading.

Q: When you come to me you get a little of both — and common sense.

C:  Other psychics picked up on it but they were vague.  You can’t do it.  You don’t have the ability.

Q:  You did not listen to me.  You did not hear what I said to you.  It’s not that I cannot do it, it’s that my ethics are very high and that is a violation of my ethics. I would never read someone without their permission.  If you want that, go to someone else.

C:  You are arguing with me.

Q:  No.  I’m yelling at you.  I’m also firing you as a client.  Don’t ever contact me again.

Gentle readers.  Over time, I have discovered that my ethics are becoming more and more stringent.  Some people don’t give a fig about ethics.  They only want to hear what they want to hear and there are psychics out there who are willing to do just that — tell a client what they want to hear.  My kind thought to this former client is that she is able to release her fixation on her ex and move on to find happiness with someone else.

Please share your thoughts regarding this situation?