Can you tell me who sabotaged me and got me fired?

Gentle readers,

One of my new clients asked me, “Can you tell me who went behind my back, spread lies about me, and got me fired?”

I refused to answer her question and suggested that she should be grateful she no longer works there.  To be in a position where people like to gossip, make trouble and sabotage someone’s work or reputation is unhealthy.

I told her, “If indeed someone did this to you, it was a gift.” I eventually managed to get her to see that it really didn’t matter who may have done this and to move on.  She agreed I had a good point.

I further told her, “You are wasting your time and energy obsessing about this. You should focus on making a fresh start in a healthier environment. Focus on getting a wonderful, new job and be grateful for the gift of being able to move forward.  Make this new job the best one ever!” (Think the Magician card in a Tarot deck.) Again, she agreed this was a good way to look at things.

I would never tell anyone who sabotaged them and here are the reasons why:

  1. Picking up a clean vibration when someone is angry and in pain can be tricky.
  2. Asking a psychic to blame or accuse a person of doing something bad, such as contributing to getting someone fired, does not foster good karma for anyone.
  3. Anything I pick up would be filtered through the energy of my client, so a clean link (clear vibration), as mentioned above, would not be possible.
  4. Clients who ask these types of questions have already decided who they want to blame and I would never tell someone what they want to hear.
  5. Carrying grudges and emotional pain is not a good way to live. I don’t want someone to obsess over this and lose sight of what potential they hold in their hands.
  6. Things happen and perhaps this was that her time to move on.

My objective is to best serve my clients by providing them with common sense whenever needed, and of course, using my intuitive gifts to help them.  Sometimes a good dose of common sense and empowerment is the best solution.

Gentle readers, please share your thoughts.