What planet do you live on?

Gentle Readers, I recently yelled at someone who asked me for a “romance reading.” I know it was inappropriate to do so, but my level of frustration in trying to help her, well, my emotions just got the better of me. Shall we suffice it to say that this person will never ask me for another reading, and for that, I am extremely grateful.  I think it is better that someone else deal with her in the future as this is a case where I am not the right psychic for her. I could not tell her what she wanted to hear. Let me explain what happened, and do let me know your thoughts.  I know it was wrong to “lose it,” but I did and I own that bad behavior.

Since I was  unable to hear this woman’s voice or see her face, I needed to pick up her energy.  So I asked her a few questions so I would not waste any time. She told  me  she was not in a  relationship and was not looking online.

I then asked her, “Do you get out of the house, go to meetups, dances, belongs  to any clubs like the Sierra Club (they go hiking), or go to any other places where she can meet people?”

She said did not, but wanted to know when “He was going to find her.” I was dumbfounded.  There was no way I could even pull cards for her, so I asked her her age. She told me she was 54.  The next thing I knew, I asked her if she was going to wait for someone to knock on her door like Snow White.

She replied, “Yes.”

At that point, I lost it, Dear Readers. I raised my voice and yelled at her, “What planet do you live on?  No one just comes up and knocks on your door.”

She said, “My planet.”

It was then that I immediately snapped back at her and said, “Then you are going to be alone because no one else lives on your planet. You need to live on THIS planet.” (I cannot believe I said that.)

She said, “I don’t want to be hurt.”

My next response to her was, “If you are not willing to be hurt, then you will more than likely be alone.  Even people you love — family and friends hurt one another, but they work it out.”  At that point, her time was up and she was gone.

Gentle Readers, I am human and I lost it.  My only hope is that this lady will wake up from her fantasy dream and take a chance outside her four walls.  While I wanted to do a reading for her, I just dispensed common sense. May this be the last time I encounter someone I should never read in the first place and that someone who can help will be allowed to help her.