The Golden Globes

Gentle Readers,

I spent a few hours this evening watching the Golden Globes Awards ceremony. I want to share this article that was posted online by the Chicago Tribune — La La Land,’ ‘Moonlight’ top Golden Globe.  Please feel free to click the hyperlink and read the article.

I am sure snippets of it will be posted and shared in the days to come.  I am always happy to see a celebrity use their power to educate and raise awareness of potential issues. Kindly read the article and play the video of Meryl Streep, the Cecil B. DeMille Award honoree’s, acceptance speech.  She is a brave lady.  She took the time to remind us that violence breeds violence and disrespectfulness breeds disrespectfulness, among other things.  This is a reminder from an artist; all of us should stand up and do the right thing for humanity.

One more thing I want to share with you was Emma Stone’s statement about “Never give up!” If you believe in yourself, hang in there.  Your time will come.  No matter what circumstances the world is going through, live each day fully and completely.  Love one another, respect their differences, and do your part to make this world a better place for as many people as you can.

My ideal world is one where love and understanding, communication, tolerance, and acceptance are the prime objectives.  Hate, misuse of power, personal agendas that hurt others, conflicts of interest, closed minds and lack flexibility can be destructive.

Gentle Readers, take a moment and see what you can do to help yourself and others on a daily basis. Take things one day at a time, plan for the future, remain flexible and perform random acts of kindness whenever you can.