The Queen of Common Sense is the nom de plume of Davida Rappaport, a highly ethical Intuitive — a Psychic, if you prefer.  She incorporates wisdom, wit, humor and common sense into her everyday life and her intuitive work. When she performs various types of readings at events — Tarot, palm, seashell, handwriting or lipstick, she focuses on entertaining, enlightening and empowering everyone who seeks a reading from her.  She also sees clients privately, teaches Tarot, lectures whenever the opportunity presents itself and is quoted in various online magazines on dating, relationships and personal growth.  She is a frequent contributor to www.Bustle.com, a digital magazine for Millennial women, which might explain why she does not post blog entries with any regularity.  Maybe that will change soon.

She started this blog in order to impart wisdom and common sense to the masses.  She will share anonymous stories and readings she has performed over her long career.  She may also provide wisdom and common sense on everyday matters, if she feels so inclined.  As a warning to you, gentle reader, if you do not possess some wisdom and common sense, you might be offended.  However, you should find her blog informative and mildly amusing regardless.

Sit back, tune in and subscribe if you are so inclined.  The Queen is holding court…




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