Name Calling, Bullying, and Cyberbullying

Gentle Readers,

My recent post on the Lottery elicited a response from a reader “down under” who posted the comment “You’re the Devil.” As you know, I am the Queen of Common Sense and promote myself as a wise woman who uses both wisdom and common sense in my decision-making process as well as promoting the same in others.  This was not an acceptable comment to post.  While I advocate free speech, in my not-so-humble opinion, this comment does not fall under the category of free speech.  Name calling and insults are inappropriate comments under any circumstance.

I sensed that this individual is hurting. If he knew me and called me a “Devil” to my face, I might have been able to understand where he was coming from and what was bothering him.  However, when someone calls anyone a name or bullies them without an explanation, that is just plain rude.  I have had experiences in my life (and career) with “Good Christians” which were not always pleasant.  Many of these Christians are amazing individuals.  They are fantastic people.  However, when it comes to their religious beliefs, some “Good Christians” can be inflexible and lack tolerance of anything that offends them.  I was raised to accept people of every race, religion, etc. as they are — another human being with faults.  Tolerance and understanding was what I learned.  I also learned that even though someone’s beliefs may offend me, they are entitled to their beliefs as long as those beliefs (religious or otherwise) do not hurt another being (human or animal).

This person, may have meant well, from his point of view, but it was nonetheless an inappropriate comment.  He could have said, “You are talking about Tarot cards and they are the ‘Devil’s’ tool.”  He could also have said several other things such as the following:

  • I believe you are an evil person because ________________.
  • Tarot cards are against my religion and/or beliefs.
  • I did not care for what you posted, because _________________.

Instead this person hid behind an insult directed at someone they do not know.

Let’s put this person’s comment in proper perspective.

  1. Strangers constantly bully people and celebrities.  Think about all of the comments that you may have been privy to — hurtful and supportive in the wake of Robin Williams’ recent death.
  2. Every day, someone in the world is dealing with someone who refuses to see any point of view that is not their own.  I refer to them as inflexible and intolerant people.
  3. Cyberbullying allows most people to remain anonymous.  Social media cyberbullying has become very common place.
  4. This behavior is hurtful.

There are many reasons why people call others names, bully and/or cyberbully others.  Rather than think about why someone does this, follow my example and do something to help someone who is being bullied today, and any day you encounter some form of bullying.  In my situation, I am grateful that reader insulted me.  He allowed me the opportunity to write this particular blog entry.  Join the Queen of Common Sense and help stop bullying.

Bless you, Gentle Readers.