Job Application Question #1

Gentle Readers,

I often receive questions from individuals who ask me if they will get the job they just applied for — online or through some other method. As an intuitive, I take a moment to tune in to see what I can pick up. Often, I feel … nothing.

I then ask them if they had received a phone call or set up an interview yet. In nearly all cases, they just applied for an opening. That would explain why I felt nothing. No one had even reviewed their letter and/or application yet. Often ads for employment, hopefully bona fide job opportunities, will take the human resources department or office manager some time to review. I tell them, “Until someone has actually reviewed your resume, I would not be able to pick up any information for you.”

I suggest that they contact me once they get that email or call for an interview so I may pick up a bit more information from the shift in energy. I would like nothing more than to assist them in winning this job, assuming it is in their highest good.

Please be advised, gentle reader, if you or someone is seeking a job, keep sending out resumes and filling out applications. Do not wait for a response from what seems to be the perfect job. It might take a while for someone to actually read over 100 resumes and still manage their normal workload. In most cases, you might not be given the opportunity to interview for the job. But if you do, I’m always here to look into what you can do to successfully close that interview and empower you to overcome any blockages you might have that could get in your way.

Always use discernment and common sense.

Remember, it is not as easy to get a job as it once was many years ago. Do not give up and keep on applying. Your next, best job awaits you.