I want what the all the psychics promised me.

Gentle Readers,

I am always an advocate of utilizing common sense first, and then if necessary, use my intuitive  gifts to help a client.  In some cases, clients may just need to talk to someone that is “safe” and receive a validation reading with good, sound guidance and a little bit of empowerment thrown in for good measure.

This past week, I encountered a potential client who was in a very difficult and desperate situation.  With a limited amount of time to help him, he informed me he was a homeless, disabled veteran sleeping on a friend’s sofa.  He had been lied to by many psychics and other people who use their gifts, purporting to help people.  He wanted to know when he was going to get a financial “windfall” and other things various psychics had promised him.  He further informed me he had given away a lot of money to various people who promised him all sorts of things — mostly financial gains, yet he received nothing in return.  In short, he was lied to, scammed and taken advantage of by disreputable people.

I know gypsies and some psychics need to make a living, but karmically, they should never harm anyone or prey on their fears and weaknesses.  However, we live in a world with a lot of disreputable people who have agendas and do not take other people’s feelings and needs into consideration.  Everyone should use a little common sense on a regular basis — or a lot, in order to have a better quality of life…regardless of their financial situation.

I totally understood how he felt, but there I was, being accused of who knows what, and being asked, “When am I going to get what I was promised by you psychics?”  I informed him that I never promised him anything or lied to him. I further told him this was my first encounter with him, and that he should not to blame me or any other psychic who did not do this to him.  I informed him what services I offered and suggested that he use a little common sense in the future.

To Recap:  I tried to provide this potential client insight into his situation and offer some very badly needed common sense.  I wanted to help him heal from the pain of having been taken advantage of and scammed, if possible.  I ran out of time; all I could do was send a prayer out into the universe for him.  My wish is that this man finds his way out of the situation he is currently in and is able to create a better quality of life for himself.  Don’t you think he needs to stop seeking “psychics” who intend to take advantage of him?   I certainly do!

Lottery Question

Gentle readers, I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me for winning lottery numbers.  My immediate response to them has always been:  “If I could provide winning lottery numbers, do you think I would be here performing readings?  My gift does not work that way.”

Of course if I had the gift of picking winning lottery numbers or horses, I would never have to work again.  I would be living the life of a Queen.  Even though I am the Queen of Common Sense, that does not mean that I live a life of comfort and ease.  I most certainly do not.  Even I do not get a free ride in a chariot.

I have stated, on numerous occasions, that if someone is meant to win a sweepstakes, contest, or lottery, they will win regardless of how many tickets they purchase or how many times they enter.  I personally know someone whose life changed dramatically from the purchase of just one $5 raffle ticket.  The prize was not a large one, but the Creator in his/her infinite wisdom decided that this individual would never make that sort of change — a leap of faith unless a small miracle happened.

(Cards courtesy of the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck)

For those of you who are Tarot enthusiasts, might I suggest the pairing of the Wheel of Fortune — karma (or luck) and the Death Tarot card — change and transformation as a good explanation of a turn of the wheel of fate or life which produces a transformative change of one’s life.  Details withheld due to confidentiality.