Lottery Question

Gentle readers, I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me for winning lottery numbers.  My immediate response to them has always been:  “If I could provide winning lottery numbers, do you think I would be here performing readings?  My gift does not work that way.”

Of course if I had the gift of picking winning lottery numbers or horses, I would never have to work again.  I would be living the life of a Queen.  Even though I am the Queen of Common Sense, that does not mean that I live a life of comfort and ease.  I most certainly do not.  Even I do not get a free ride in a chariot.

I have stated, on numerous occasions, that if someone is meant to win a sweepstakes, contest, or lottery, they will win regardless of how many tickets they purchase or how many times they enter.  I personally know someone whose life changed dramatically from the purchase of just one $5 raffle ticket.  The prize was not a large one, but the Creator in his/her infinite wisdom decided that this individual would never make that sort of change — a leap of faith unless a small miracle happened.

(Cards courtesy of the Rider-Waite-Smith Deck)

For those of you who are Tarot enthusiasts, might I suggest the pairing of the Wheel of Fortune — karma (or luck) and the Death Tarot card — change and transformation as a good explanation of a turn of the wheel of fate or life which produces a transformative change of one’s life.  Details withheld due to confidentiality.